Monday, 21 March 2016

Golden Age Miniatures is started!

Hi there!

As some of you may know me from my other blogs - I'll just do a very quick introduction.

I'm just your average, middle aged, long time fantasy miniature collector/painter/gamer. I love 3rd edition Warhammer (before multi-part plastics were invented and ruined everything!) and I collect just about anything from the same period for Citadel, Marauder, Grenadier and Ral Partha.

As an avid collector I've watched the prices of the old metal figures that I'm interested in rocket up. Which must mean I'm not alone in my desire to finish off various armies that I've collected over the years.

It was my Undead army that really gave me the push to start trying to make my own sculpts and this is the result:

GAM Skeletal Ogre Champion next to 2 Skeletal Ogres from Ral Partha.

This Skeletal Ogre Champ is my personal home drop cast attempt and there are a few modifications I'd like to make to the original sculpt, before I get him professionally moulded up and cast. I've had a couple of interested parties who would do this for me, but the guys at Ral Partha offered, and I thought it would be great to work with their experience in getting some of my miniature sculpts out there.

Hopefully I will run this enterprise as a not for profit/loss, but mainly for enjoyment.

Stay tuned for infrequent updates on where to get this fellow and other musings and ramblings...

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